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Identification and traceability solutions for products, processes and people


In order to ensure the traceability of products, people, and processes through identifying technologies and data collecting, we offer technological solutions—hardware and software.

We specialize in the implementation of advanced identification and data collection technologies, such as RFID and AIDC, likewise, we offer vision systems, sensors and other cutting-edge technologies. We aim to give solutions that help you boost the efficiency and control over your operations in order to maximize your performance and produce amazing results.

Identification and AIDC

Thanks to our extensive experience in the sector, we can support you in the development of identification and digitization projects that trigger the improvement of your operational processes and help you meet your business objectives in a more efficient way.

Additionally, we provide you with assistance throughout the entire process, from the selection and purchase of supplies through the installation and maintenance of identification and data collecting equipment. We can help you with:

Printing supplies


Barcode reading


Label printing



Handheld computers

Rugged tablets



Business Mobility Solutions


We assist you in selecting, implementing, and integrating the best mobile applications and Software as a Service (SaaS) solution for your data collection and identification devices, increasing effectiveness, productivity, and process optimization.

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Identification solutions with RFID technology


Advanced identification technology that allows the identification and tracking of any item through radio frequency waves.

It is highly effective in:

• ID and access control

• Inventory management

• Vehicle and tire ID

• Receipts and shipments of material

• Asset and equipment ID

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Extensive experience in


Hospitality and entertainment

Manufacturing and automotive


Mobility and Transportation

Retail and consumer

Supply chain and logistics

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